Close up photo of a large iron beam with orange spray painted graffiti saying "Iron Workers Local 40" in a stylized fontA construction site for a new skyscraper as the iron beams are fitted in place

Artist’s should sign their work and craftsmen and women are no different, which is why this piece caught my eye. It wasn’t just the large signature, but the stylized lettering that drew my attention. It’s that letter style that screams “graffiti” and not just “advertising” or “branding.” It’s also intriguing to think of all that lies within and under the surface of the places we inhabit. A hidden world, with hidden meaning and a hidden history just out of sight.

Hudson Yards, Manhattan.

I Belong

Large spray painted lettering on a brick wall saying "I belong to God" with incorrect punctuation

I think that the quote marks are for emphasis and that this is indeed a question. It’s a long piece stretching over 50 feet. The lettering — especially the G in God — reminds of me of director Tim Burton’s work. I guess we all just want to belong, but that we don’t like being told to whom.

Midtown, Manhattan.