Election Day Update #1

November 7, 2006

So I’m patiently standing in line to vote as any good citizen should do — and luckily I’m early so there’s only one guy in front of me, when this guy freaks out and has a meltdown. Here’s basically what happened:

The Characters:
A conservative looking, middle aged man in a blue suit, perfect hair, Wall Street Journal under his arm, the whole upper-class, management kind of look.

The poor poll workers (and I can relate as a former poll worker) consist of two women: a middle-aged black women with glasses, dreads pulled back into a pony tail and neatly covered with a scarf; a senior women who was probably in her 80’s who was a little bit stooped over.

The Story:
So the guy comes up to the table and the younger of the woman says that no, he is not on the roll to vote. The older woman has an absentee ballot all ready for him so he can vote. He has obviously been to the table before and is pissed off.

When faced with the option of voting using an absentee ballot (a common occurence when someone is not listed on the roll of voters), he loses his mind and starts berrating the nice old lady.

“Why do they make it hard to vote!!??!!” he yells at her. She is holding the absentee ballot as a shield and trying to explain it to him while he yells this.

He thens storms behind me to the right side of the table to start filling it out. The younger woman tells him he can sit down at a table in the middle of the room to fill it out (versus hunching over the voter table).

He then starts yelling, “This is what they call Voter Scam!” repeatedly as he walks over to fill out his ballot.

My Conclusions:
Apparently, absentee ballots are part of a left-wing conspiracy. I’m wondering why in the hell he couldn’t manage to REGISTER to vote in the first place. I had no problem, My name was right there on the list.

Maybe he was too busy screwing over poor people and acting like a spoiled child to register. Maybe he’s the type of person who wants to be part of “the process” but doesn’t actually want to do anything. Maybe he was just scared because the Republican party could actually lose control of the Congress.

Anyway you cut it, bad behavior is bad behavior and I’m here to call him out — dude, you’re an uptight asshole and nobody deserves your shit.