colorful one eyed ghosts painted on a construction site

Tis’ the spooky season so here’s a bunch of colorful one-eyed ghosts painted on a construction site. Love that someone added a second eye to the center ghost. The hand print is also somehow creepy too.

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.


flying oil drops over a forest with "vote trump" written

I’m not sure if this is pro or anti the president, but is presented here out of parity given this post and this post. If it is in the pro-Trump category, it is the only one I’ve ever found and certainly a rarity. If you look closely, you can see it’s been defaced by those offended by it. One could argue that the piece is itself, a giant statement of sarcastic intent on the Trump administration’s environmental policies (giant bucolic oil drops flying over a forest?). On the other hand, I also wonder if the stenciled type, like the hand written text, was added after the fact by a different artist. The leading alone would certainly suggest a lack of artistic precision not evident in the rest of the piece.

Regardless, be sure to vote.

Gowanus, Brooklyn.