Under Construction

October 31, 2006

Everyone knows the stereotype (or reality) of a woman walking past a construction site and getting jeers, catcalls and whistles from the workers.

I’m starting to see a new weird thing happening at constructions sites.

Everytime Archie and I walk past one, the largest, dirtiest, sweatiest worker starts making kissy noises at Archie. And yes, I’m sure it’s directed at Archie.

It’s kind of a cross between baby talk and a “come here” call.

In his infinite wisdom, Archie completely ignores these approaches and focus on finding a nice spot to pee. He’s nothing if not aloof.

I, on the other hand, am slightly disturbed for various reasons.

Sure he’s cute, but what would account for this level of bizarre behavior? Does Archie tap into some underground well of softness that permeates the fat construction worker belly?

More research to follow.