Something In The Air

November 15, 2006

I don’t know what happened last night, but it’s all over the streets this morning and it must have been a quite a party.

First I notice a person on the way to the subway. Most people have a cup of coffee from their preferred chain store or street cart. Many people include a pastry, bagel, donut or other breakfast item in the mix. This woman was having a can of Coke and a cigarette. Mmmm, good. Nothing says “hangover” louder than that double-bill of nicotine and caffeine. Breakfast of champions.

Secondly, I get off the subway and sure enough, there’s a guy puking his guts out. Not a bum, but a normal-on-his-way-to-the-office sort of guy. Luckily, I had missed the first pass and was only subjected to the afterglow. There’s nothing quite like the slap of partially digested food hitting the cold, wet pavement at 9:00am. Yum!

So beware, fellow travelers, there’s lots of hangovers going around.