Winter Fashion

Fashion is cyclical and certain trends come back around for a second (or third) time. Winter fashion has it’s own special style in places where the weather is the deciding factor in ones outfit.

And so this week I saw a winter fashion I haven’t seen since my years in Chicago — the wearing of a plastic bag on the head.

That’s right, it gets so downright cold that people put plastic bags over their head and ears to help ward off the frigid winter air.

Now this may seem dangerous and many of you are recalling all the TV news warnings about not letting kids play with plastic shopping bags, but we’re talking about adults.

Adults with no hats. No earmuffs. No sense of style. No shame.

As someone who has had his hair actually freeze due to the cold, I can sympathize a little — very little. I mean, any large chain drug store sells winter stocking caps for about $2. Not a huge investment to keep your head and ears warm. Buck up the dough people! There is no valid reason for wearing a plastic bag on your head.

Yes, it’s waterproof and that’s a nice advantage, but think of the kids! Beyond looking like a homeless person, you’re actually encouraging dangerous behavior in children.

To make matters worse, the offender I saw sporting this trash fashion was actually wearing the plastic bag you get at the liquor stores here in NYC. The bonus points you get because it’s all black are immediately erased because you look like a drunk.