Scary Stuff

January 4, 2007

Okay, so Archie has complained that I haven’t posted enough about him, so here it goes:

The other day I actually watched Archie scare himself with his own flatulence.

French Bulldogs (and bulldogs in general) are known to have bad gas and Archie is no different. Depending on his diet, he can drop silent bombs that clear crowded theaters.

The best is when we’re on the subway and he farts. Then I get looks of horror as fellow passengers assume it was me. Screaming, “It was the dog!” doesn’t seem to convince them. Odd and horrible smells aren’t unusual on the NYC subway, but Archie seems to be capable of shocking even the most hardened transit riders.

But I digress. So there we are, Archie and I, just sitting and looking at each other. He rips out a loud fart and then, to my amazement, his ears perk up and he actually looks back at his ass. As if he didn’t realize he was capable of such a sound. As if he didn’t realize he had an ass.

Quite funny (albeit stinky).

[Note: If you don’t believe me regarding Frenchie gas, read this.]