Cartoons are not terrorists

February 20, 2007

Now that the fervor has died down a little, I can actually write about this ridiculous event.

Personally, I believe the Boston police have outed themselves as idiots especially considering that the same promotional campaign was used in 11 other cities and none of them panicked. New Yorkers ignored them completely. I did manage to see part of the campaign (but not the offending Lite Brite version) and I took it as a huge inside joke. If you had never watched the show (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), you would have no idea why a badly pixelated creature was flipping you the bird.

Another thought occurred to me regarding the Boston police: that they are working under a kind of post-9/11 survivors guilt. The terrorists all got on flights out of Boston’s Logan airport. The fact that the Boston police (and other local security services) were unable to prevent them at the point of departure may still weigh subconsciously on the collective police mind. This would help explain there retarded over-zealous behavior — that somehow they’re still trying to make up for the mistakes of the past.

Anyway you cut it, it certainly looked bad for yours truly as I’ve got color prints of the ATHF guys plastered around both my NY and SF offices. Not the offending one (yet), but several people in the know wondered about my involvement — of which I had absolutely none.

I do look forward to the entire event — including subversive footage of the police response — to be featured on the next ATHF DVD.