Learn English

January 25, 2020

A faded building with the phrase "Learn English" falling off the front.

Somehow this really struck me as a summary of the current geopolitical situation. The faded 1950’s architecture, the broken sign with it’s web address as the brand, the haphazard construction permits on the doors, the fact that there are two sets of doors — one transparent, one opaque (one for you, one for them) the dirt and decay along the bottom panels (as if they building had been repeatedly kicked and scuffed) and finally, hiding in the lobby, a traffic cone warning us.

It’s the demise of respect for the U.S. around the globe, immigration and the promise of a better life — all coming together in this one shot captured before they put a shiny new facade on it. The architectural grid no longer able to impose a sense of ordered modernism in order to reassure visitors of it’s grandeur. A historical fragment that reveals so much more.

Midtown, Manhattan.

Four Pack

December 7, 2019

Four pack of spray paint graffiti lettering pieces on the side of a truck

A nice idea to paint each background in this four pack like a sticker providing for a gallery effect with each tag contained, but on a much larger scale. Found on the side of a delivery truck.

Midtown, Manhattan.


November 30, 2019

Spray paint graffiti of lettering with the cartoon character Popeye

Always been a fan of Popeye, more for his message rather than the inane cartoon. The smoke coming out of his pipe is a great subtle touch. This piece on the side of a truck. Are delivery trucks the new subway cars for graffiti artists?

Midtown, Manhattan.

Fat Letters

November 2, 2019

Spray paint graffiti of a fat letters with dark shadowing

Found on a nice white delivery truck, this lettering piece looks quick but still well thought out. The outlined rectangles draw my eye, but I’m not sure I like them. And that tension is probably a good thing.

Midtown, Manhattan.


April 7, 2019

Graffiti lettering saying, "kill your masters" on a wall with blue sky behind

The masses are getting restless. Of course, I’m also concerned about the capitalization and punctuation.

West side, Manhattan.