Stop Wars

June 1, 2024

Mural showing the Star Wars character CP30 holding a stop sign with the words, "Stop Wars" on it. The text is stylized in the Star Wars movie logo font and the sign has bullet holes in it.

A classic mural and instantly recognizable to any New Yorker who’s been stuck in northbound traffic on the West Side highway. It’s tricky to get a good photo of it as it sits behind some trees and billboards, but it’s been on my list for years. Finally, I found myself walking by and managed to get right under it for this shot. The multi color shading on CP30’s surface is a really interesting choice. It defies the movie canon and aligns it with the artist’s own aesthetic. Perhaps it also frees it from copyright claims? Sadly it seems, the “stop wars” message still goes unheard. Painted by the muralist Eduardo Kobra.

West Side, Manhattan.


December 9, 2023

A large mural on the side of a pier reading "I want to thank you" in red sans serif lettering with white and red drop shadows to the left.

A bit of gratitude for this holiday season. Here’s a giant mural on the side of one of the piers on the Hudson river. Don’t let the photo fool you — each letter is about 30 feet tall. As with any mural, and large lettering in particular, it’s always a feat to get the lines straight. Given the double drop shadow and overlapping text, this example is very well executed indeed. I don’t know the origin story and the pier itself is a bit worn down, but it’s a sentiment worth sharing.

West Side, Manhattan.

Nice Day

September 9, 2023

A mural of a blue and white flower vase with the words "We are having a nice day New York City" written within.

Clean lines and bold colors are always going to get my attention — especially on a giant scale such as this mural. This is only a portion of the much larger wall. It’s deceptively difficult to get the line work precise. The blue and white coupled with the main typeface reminds me a little of the old Anthora coffee cup design. I also appreciate that the message itself, is almost a challenge (in true NYC fashion).

West Side, Manhattan.


August 26, 2023

A mural with a background of yellow at the top fading to purple at the bottom and intricate, maze-like interlocking shapes painted within

Found this mural outside an Italian butcher shop with a ton of intricate, maze-like detail. It’s definitely got a Keith Haring vibe which is both good and bad. Good, because I love Haring’s work. Bad, because it seems to lack the social relevance of Haring’s work. I still love all the little interconnecting doodles and you’ll certainly never get bored looking at it.

West Side, Manhattan.


February 1, 2020

"Summer in the Jungle" mural

Plaque describing the "Summer in the Jungle" mural

Here’s part of a larger mural and I’ll leave the description up to the artist (conveniently with a plaque!). I’m always in favor of more public art even if I find this piece a bit tame. And even if it comes with corporate sponsors. Bring on the color and chaos!

West Side, Manhattan.

Die Happy

January 11, 2020

Mural of a woman's face with a speech bubble saying "Die happy tonight"

The lettering in the speech bubble is great, a little bit of calligraphy in the hand written style. Having the woman’s eyes closed also brings emotion to this large piece.

West Side, Manhattan.