Large googly eyes attached to a store window overlaping a gold astronaut statue

Cheers to the intrepid soul who stuck googly eyes to the window display of this high end watch store. The display is commemorating Omega’s part in the Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago and features two large gold astronaut statues. These eyes just appeared one quiet morning. Hard to accomplish given the CCTV surveillance “security” paranoia that surrounds us these days.

Nothing against Omega, but I love adding this whimsy to the face of all the opulent wealth on display. Given the rampant unattainable commercialism that threatens to drown the average citizen of this city, we need fight back with more humor.

Alas, the eyes were quickly removed.

Hudson Yards, Manhattan.

The Only Magic

black sticker with white text saying, "the only magic I still believe in is love"

Belated, obligatory, Valentine’s day post. I’m not sure of the quote/text origin. At least it has some custom lettering (I think, maybe it’s just an off the internet typeface). I like the “A”, like the “O”, don’t like the “B” as it’s really just a “3” and a little too sci-fi for the rest. Kerning could be better too, but…sigh…that’s a lost art these days.

Stuck to a street pole in Brooklyn, New York.