"Summer in the Jungle" mural

Plaque describing the "Summer in the Jungle" mural

Here’s part of a larger mural and I’ll leave the description up to the artist (conveniently with a plaque!). I’m always in favor of more public art even if I find this piece a bit tame. And even if it comes with corporate sponsors. Bring on the color and chaos!

West Side, Manhattan.

Die Happy

Mural of a woman's face with a speech bubble saying "Die happy tonight"

The lettering in the speech bubble is great, a little bit of calligraphy in the hand written style. Having the woman’s eyes closed also brings emotion to this large piece.

West Side, Manhattan.


Large wall mural of abstract squares in a modern style

Section of a large abstract mural

Section of a large abstract mural

Section of a large abstract mural

A large mural on a bridge overpass. Really like the color and modern abstract patterns. Not sure why we can’t paint everything in the city this way.

West side, Manhattan.


A sticker illustration of an astronaut stands on the 34th Street subway platform

Speaking as a rider of the New York City subway system, I think we commuters can all relate to this little photo illustration collage sticker.

West side, Manhattan.

Four Pack

Four pack of spray paint graffiti lettering pieces on the side of a truck

A nice idea to paint each background in this four pack like a sticker providing for a gallery effect with each tag contained, but on a much larger scale. Found on the side of a delivery truck.

Midtown, Manhattan.