Four Pack

Four pack of spray paint graffiti lettering pieces on the side of a truck

A nice idea to paint each background in this four pack like a sticker providing for a gallery effect with each tag contained, but on a much larger scale. Found on the side of a delivery truck.

Midtown, Manhattan.


Spray paint graffiti of lettering with the cartoon character Popeye

Always been a fan of Popeye, more for his message rather than the inane cartoon. The smoke coming out of his pipe is a great subtle touch. This piece on the side of a truck. Are delivery trucks the new subway cars for graffiti artists?

Midtown, Manhattan.

I Belong

Large spray painted lettering on a brick wall saying "I belong to God" with incorrect punctuation

I think that the quote marks are for emphasis and that this is indeed a question. It’s a long piece stretching over 50 feet. The lettering — especially the G in God — reminds of me of director Tim Burton’s work. I guess we all just want to belong, but that we don’t like being told to whom.

Midtown, Manhattan.