Sticker Lettering

A sticker with light blue script graffiti lettering on a black background

Found this little sticker outside the market the lettering caught my eye. Definitely a practiced hand at work here — which makes sense if you’re going to go through all the expense of printing stickers. Practice, practice, practice before you print. I do wish the color wasn’t so faded. I bet the original blue was much more vibrant.

Westchester, New York


A sticker illustration of an astronaut stands on the 34th Street subway platform

Speaking as a rider of the New York City subway system, I think we commuters can all relate to this little photo illustration collage sticker.

West side, Manhattan.

The Only Magic

black sticker with white text saying, "the only magic I still believe in is love"

Belated, obligatory, Valentine’s day post. I’m not sure of the quote/text origin. At least it has some custom lettering (I think, maybe it’s just an off the internet typeface). I like the “A”, like the “O”, don’t like the “B” as it’s really just a “3” and a little too sci-fi for the rest. Kerning could be better too, but…sigh…that’s a lost art these days.

Stuck to a street pole in Brooklyn, New York.

Wide Eyed

colorful painted face on a postal address label sticker

A colorful painted face with just a touch of abstract line work. Painted on a postal address label. It’s an old school graffiti canvas material (as it’s free and easy to share).

Red Hook, Brooklyn.