Wide Eyed

colorful painted face on a postal address label sticker

A colorful painted face with just a touch of abstract line work. Painted on a postal address label. It’s an old school graffiti canvas material (as it’s free and easy to share).

Red Hook, Brooklyn.


mosaic in blue tile of a pigeon

A life size pigeon mosaic in blue plastic or tile. It’s stuck to the bottom of a light post which gives it the appearance of walking down the street.

Red Hook, Brooklyn.


paste up illustration of Nixon as a Frankenstein monster

Here’s a scary thought for the season: What if president Nixon came back from the dead? As a Frankenstein monster? Sort of a Frankenixon. Anyway, that’s what this illustration reminded me of. Love the scratch board style and the yellowed newspaper tone. Plus, the placement makes it look like he just jumped (lurched?) out at you!

Gowanus, Brooklyn.


colorful one eyed ghosts painted on a construction site

Tis’ the spooky season so here’s a bunch of colorful one-eyed ghosts painted on a construction site. Love that someone added a second eye to the center ghost. The hand print is also somehow creepy too.

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.