The Eye

a giant fiberglass sculpture of a human eye

a giant fiberglass sculpture of a human eye, front view

a giant fiberglass sculpture of a human eye, long view

On a recent cold December night, I was walking through downtown Dallas when I ran into this thing. It’s absolutely huge and lit up at night, it was a truly unexpected and bizarre sight. Adding to the mystery, is it’s isolation on the field of astroturf and that it’s locked behind large gates with multiple trespass warning signs.  It was so unexpected and arresting that I went back in the morning to take these photos. I recommend seeing it at night for maximum weirdness. You can read more about it in this article.

Dallas, Texas.


two faces painted on security fence outside a store

These faces painted on the security fence for a retail store are, in my mind, an excellent deterrent. It’s art generating an emotional response.

Midtown, Manhattan.

Wide Eyed

colorful painted face on a postal address label sticker

A colorful painted face with just a touch of abstract line work. Painted on a postal address label. It’s an old school graffiti canvas material (as it’s free and easy to share).

Red Hook, Brooklyn.


mosaic in blue tile of a pigeon

A life size pigeon mosaic in blue plastic or tile. It’s stuck to the bottom of a light post which gives it the appearance of walking down the street.

Red Hook, Brooklyn.